SEND Guidance for Schools

The Children and Families Act 2014 introduced significant changes to Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) policy and practice. This guidance aims to support schools and settings in embedding these changes into their practice and so improve outcomes for the children and young people (CYP) of Southwark.

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Case Studies 

SEN support is a category of support for pupils who have special educational needs but who do not have an Education, Health and Care Plan. Pupils on SEN support receive school/setting based special educational provision that is focused on their individual needs and personal outcomes. A school/setting in partnership with parent/carer, pupil, school staff and other relevant professionals will decide if a pupil has SEN, what their needs are, what outcomes are to be expected to be achieved and what provision is needed to support the pupil. Schools/settings are all expected to use their own resources to make provision for each pupil based on what they need, so this can vary from pupil to pupil. Some pupils will only need a small amount of extra support others may need more up to a nationally prescribed amount (currently £6000). What this looks like will be different in each school as they will all have their own way of planning, recording and making provisions.

The case studies below show some examples of the different types of packages of support that schools and settings may make to support pupils. Each study has a brief description of a pupil, their personal provision map which is one approach to recording what is being done and a ready reckoner that shows what provisions are being made, how often and how much the package costs.

Reception Child with Physical Difficulties

Kyle Yr R Physical-Communication.pdf (18KB - PDF)

Kyle Provision Map.pdf (19KB - PDF)

Kyle Ready Reckoner.pdf (54KB - PDF)

Year 1 Child with Learning Difficulties

Fei Yen Y1 learning Diffiulties.pdf (13KB - PDF)

Fei Yen Provision Map.pdf (27KB - PDF)

Fei Yen Ready Reckoner (53KB - PDF)

Year 1 Child with ASD

Paul Yr1 ASD.pdf (19KB - PDF)

Paul Provision Map.pdf (23KB - PDF)

Paul Ready Reckoner.pdf (23KB - PDF)

Year 2 Child with Speech and Language Needs

Mark Yr 2, communication and interaction .pdf (22KB - PDF)

Mark provision map.pdf (29KB - PDF)

Mark Ready Reckoner.pdf (55KB - PDF)

Year 3 Child with ASD

Delroy Yr3 ASD.pdf (18KB - PDF)

Delroy Provision Map.pdf (26KB - PDF)

Delroy Ready Reckoner.pdf (56KB - PDF)

Year 6 Child with ASD and Emotional Needs

Mary Yr 6 ASD CLA.pdf (19KB - PDF)

Mary Provision Map.pdf (23KB - PDF)

Mary Ready Reckoner .pdf (56KB - PDF)

Year 6 Child with SpLD Dyslexia

Jay Year 6 SpLD.pdf (18KB - PDF)

Jay Provision map.pdf (48KB - PDF)

Jay Ready Reckoner.pdf (55KB - PDF)

Year 7 Child with Speech and Language Communication Needs

V SLCN Year 7.pdf (17KB - PDF)

V provision map.pdf (39KB - PDF)

V Ready Reckoner .pdf (55KB - PDF)

Year 8 Child with Social, Emotional, Mental Health Needs

B Year 8 SEMH.pdf (13KB - PDF)

B provision map.pdf (25KB - PDF)

B Ready Reckoner .pdf (53KB - PDF)

Year 9 Child with SpLD Dyslexia

D SplD Year 9.pdf (19KB - PDF)

D Provision Map.pdf (43KB - PDF)

D Ready Reckoner.pdf (55KB - PDF)

Year 9 Child with Learning Difficulties

JanetYr 9 Learning Difficulties.pdf (20KB - PDF)

Janet Provision Map.pdf (26KB - PDF)

Janet Ready Reckoner .pdf (20KB - PDF)

Year 10 Child with ADHD

Z ADHD Year 10.pdf (18KB - PDF)

Z Provision Map.pdf (25KB - PDF)

Z Ready Reckoner .pdf (53KB - PDF)

Year 10 Child with Learning and Language Needs

Sean Yr 10 Learning difficulties.pdf (19KB - PDF)

Sean Provision Map.pdf (26KB - PDF)

Sean Ready Reckoner .pdf (55KB - PDF)